After Dinner Talks

Well established on the After Dinner circuit Richard shares some of his memories of his 53 years in West End Theatre, TV, Radio, Films, Cabaret and Repertory Theatre. Below are outlines of just four of his talks...

1. 'It Wont Be Alright on the Night!'

A light-hearted look at West End Theatre where things can go horribly wrong... and frequently do!!! For instance when the most important audition of my life at The Old Vic goes pear-shaped... when a very famous singer's nervousness ends up in a Court of Law... when Frankie Howerd tries desperately to evacuate the London Palladium audience... when bandleader Joe Loss plays a joke... to name but a few!

2. 'Musicals, Madness and Mayhem'

More whimsical wobbles in the world of West End Musicals... the luvvies and all their talents, tantrums and temperaments... when tempers fray on the Final Dress Rehearsal... when the Queen Mother joins in with the song... when your memory goes completely on holiday... when I get booed off stage... when Sir Bernard Miles is in a desperate hurry... and many many more!

3. 'Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage'

An hilarious look at an actor's career... That first appearance on stage... receiving a standing ovation by mistake... falling in love with the leading lady at the Chiswick Empire... Thrown into a long running Musical with just 2 hours rehearsal... getting advice from a Hollywood legend... Opening Night with The Two Ronnies at The London Palladium when things go wrong and Ronnie B has to improvise... and a few well known songs too!

4. 'From Hollywood to Cricklewood'

A comical look at small film studios that had a big influence. Silent Screen started it all... then a Hollywood legend got sacked... meanwhile Ealing, the oldest Studios in the world, made Classics and a British star boosted war-time morale... while another refused to sing his song... back in Hollywood stars collided... Hepburn put her foot down, Bergman put her feet up, Astaire found Heaven and Sinatra found Hell.


All talks and performances are INDOORS ONLY: Not under an awning, a gazebo, in a marquee or tent but INDOORS ONLY!

All talks include musical performance.

All fees must be paid by the organiser in advance or on the date agreed.

All talks will commence and finish at the times agreed.

TRAVEL EXPENSES are calculated by the mile. So a venue 20 (twenty) miles away will be a round trip of 40 miles. A parking space will be provided by the organiser and all parking costs will be charged on top of Travel Expenses.

HEALTH + SAFETY: An area near to an insulated power point will be provided by the organiser. This will be away from the audience and away from any doorways.

Electrical equipment is not for use by anyone other than the performer. So any speeches or announcements need to made through the organiser's own P. A. system.

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